XL is an east coast MC who got his start in the late 80′s and early ninety’s. Hip hop was in full swing with commercial and underground clearly seperated. Underground was king and commercial wore the sell out tag. In this era the seeds of a real MC were planted, lyrics and substance, flow without […]


DJ G-SQUARED is one of the North East’s hottest producer/DJ’s. He has DJ’d clubs, produced original songs and produced/ promoted live shows with many established artists. In addition to producing and running a studio, DJ G-SQUARED constantly spins 4+ nights a week @ top upscale clubs Boston and worldwide. G is currently Resident DJ for […]


A veteran of the Boston music scene, this sought after producer has been blessing artists across the east coast with his melodic tracks for over 10 years. An incredible musician and performer, Bryce sharpened his skills at Boston University‚Äôs School of Music, where he developed an affluence in Piano, Saxophone, and Guitar. His experience transcends […]